Installation of the top case rack on the SR/F Zero Motorcycles

I wanted to add some luggage options to my Zero SR/F motorcycle. I thus ordered a top case rack – without the top case itself (ref. 10-08214 at Zero Motorcycles). However there are a couple of problems coming with the package, the first one being that there is no installation instruction is provided in the package!

I called Zero Motorcycles Europe in order to get some information to be sure to install it properly and they sent me a PDF with all the instructions.

You can grab the installation PDF document there :

Well, in the installation instructions the items supplied are summarized as you can see in a table and there comes the second problem: a so-called « Hex Head Flange Bolt Star Drive M6x20 10.9 » set of screws should be there and it’s not. Why the instructions and the bolt set are not in the package, I don’t know but obviouslly it should be.

The PDF itself is well documented with a lot of photos, so this should be straightforward to anyone. Anyway, I did the installation and some photos too, as detailed below. So here are some steps (even if the PDF is self-explanatory).

After dismantling the rear seat and then seat tray…

Then you have to detach the turn signals cables:

So that you are free to dismount them:

Thus you can replace the top rack turn signal support with the one provided with the package. Then you just have to reconnect/remount all that stuff 🙂

In the end, just place the top rack at the good place, to replace the grab bars:

Concerning the bolts to fix the top racks, you can’t use the native ones which were fixing the grab bars, because they are too long (25 mm). You have to use a set of bolts M6x20 10.9 (20 mm) which, as of today (May 28th 2020), may not be provided in the package. In the mean time, you can use flat washers to compensate.